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Squadron Aviation Program



Purpose.  The Heartland Composite Squadron (HCS) Aviator Program (HCSAP) provides HCS cadets an opportunity to earn their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) in the Airplane Single Engine Land category and class, at the lowest possible cost. This program encourages cadets to take advantage of both CAP flight scholarships and civilian grant and scholarship opportunities while using a CAP airplane and CAP certified flight instructors (CFI).  The Squadron grows at a stead rate to the point we are ready and willing to implement this Aviator Program. Elizabethtown is an ideal location for this training as it if very close to the geographical center of Kentucky.

Goal. The HCSAP establishes three main goals. First, develop future pilots to address America’s pilot shortage. Through the CAP Cadet Program, these future pilots will be motivated to become aerospace leaders.  Second, encourage cadets to excel through the rank structure and actively participate in the Cadet Program. This second goal assists with recruiting and retention of cadets and increases skills and experience applicable to aerospace education and emergency services. We achieve these goals by establishing minimum Program qualification standards to gain the maximum participation but concurrently providing the safest and highest throughput of qualified aviators. The third goal of this Program is the implementation of similar programs in other composite and senior squadrons in the Wing.

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